Monday, August 25, 2008

I know the reason kids hate school

Scared Me: Evan, come here for a second,please.

Poor unsuspecting Evan: Yeah?

Sad Mom: Um, buddy, I have some bad news. You have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Sad Evan: Why? Do I need shots. (imagine his big brown eyes welling up with tears.)

Mean Mom: Yes, honey, you need some shots.

Scared Evan: Just one, right?

I shook my head

Even more scared Evan: Two?

I shook my head again

Getting more scared by the minute Evan: Three? (more tears)

Another shake of my head

Scared shittless at this point Evan: Four? (shaking starts)

Very sad Mommy: Yes, four. But....No Evan, stop shaking your head. You can't start school unless you get these shots.

Sly Evan: Fine, I won't go to school.

Quick Mommy: Wait a minute, Evy, you have to go to school. Look, I'll make them be as gentle as possible, OK.

Non-believing Evan: Well, do you promise they will be gentle?

Assuring Mommy: Oh, I will make them try. And guess what? We can go have ice cream afterwards, OK. We'll go see Daddy and have ice cream.

Forgetful Evan: ICE CREAM?! YEAH! BEFORE LUNCH!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!


random moments said...

Awww poor lil guy!! The crying & fighting will only last like 20 minutes. Less than that if you just pack an ice cream maker in your vehicle to take with you. :)

Don't you love the attention span of youngins?

Toryssa said...

Shots suck. And the nurses aren't gentle. They do this weird creepy sneak attack, which I THINK they think is a good idea. But it's not. Grab, tackle, stab is never, ever a good plan of action.

But ice cream makes everything better! I still remember getting to pick out a toy at the store after Dr's appointments when I was a kid. I once chose to go to Yard Birds - remember that place?! and I spent ages picking out a ceramics painting kit. Because I was a dork, even when I was in primary school.

Christie said...

Random: He was great with his flu shot, but that was just one measly shot. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Toryssa: Yard Birds!!!!!! I totally forgot about that place, even though a friend of mine uses it as his myspace or facebook profile picture. We all got into so much trouble in that place, waiting around for our parents after the movies were let out. Is that place still there? Oh, the memories.

Beth said...

works every time....

Jay said...

If he's anything like you. we're screwed!