Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to the crazy group, Ava Lynn

Our good friends, Kerri and Jason (from previous posts about our vacations and 311 concerts) had their very first baby on Christmas Eve.

Ava Lynn weighed in at 7 pounds and was 19 inches long. She is gorgeous and I can't wait to go see her. We have a trip planned the first weekend of February and I hope I can wait that long.

I just wanted to say to Kerri and Jason that Jay and I are both so happy for you, and we know you are going to make awesome parents.

So Congratulations and Welcome to Sleepless Nights Land!

----I posted earlier today, but wanted to mention Ava in her own, less angry, post.------


Rick said...

Don't go grouping Christmas and birthday gifts together in one big present. That would be a bummer.

Crashtest Comic said...

i'm a scorpio--
but my moon is in uranus.

TheBirdman33 said...


TheBirdman33 said...

(and congradulations to them!)

Crystal said...

sleepless nights land. sometimes i think i want kids. but then i think i really love sleep already and i don't even have any kids yet and if i know i will be losing something i love for something i don't even know. yeah. maybe not on the kids thing. i really need my beauty rest.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh I like hearing when people name their kids normal livable names.