Thursday, July 5, 2007

Because I'm the best mom ever and the best day of my husbands life

Because I am the best mom ever, my kids ate Cheetohs and Pepsi for lunch. Their choice, don't yell at me.

As they were chomping down the rest of the Cheetohs I was on the phone with a friend who was telling me about how tired she had been lately. This reminded me of the day I went to my doctor and told him the same thing. He told me, and I'm not kidding you, that I needed more protein in my diet.

Wow. So my husband had been right all along when suggesting the protein shakes.

I actually told Jay what the doctor said, and he lit up like a Christmas tree. I really try not to tell him when my ass is dragging anymore because it's his cue to chime in with "You know what the doctor says. I can have a shake on deck in a few minutes. It'll be quicker if you help."


blog Portland said...

A t-bone does not compare in taste or nutrient-packing quality to that of a nice, handmade protein shake.

Lizzle said...

Christie, I welcome you to the blogging fold. If you are even half as amusing as your husband, (which you certainly seem to be) you won't be needing a protein shake because the humor is clearly effortless!

Ehh, eat some cheese!